Expanded Polystyrene Thermocol

What is EPS ?

Expanded Polysphere is made from expandable polysphere which is a riped cellular plastic containing an expansion agent. EPS is obtained from oil.

By choosing to use EPS you can be confident that it is safe complies with all relevant technical and environmental standards and can easily be recycled at the end of its primary use.

About EPS:

EPS is a good example of use of natural resources, it is 98% air.

The manufacture and use of EPS does not generate any side to the health or environment.

EPS does not damage the ozone layer, since it does not use CFC’s or HCFC’s in the manufacturing process.

The use of EPS for Thermal insulation in the construction industry contributes significant savings on heating and cooling buildings and a drastic reduction in the emission of polluting gases CO2 and SO2.

EPS packaging protects products, helping to reduce wastage and its lightweight nature helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Fungi and bacteria cannot easily form on EPS.

EPS makes up only a tiny part of Municipal Solid waste.

EPS does not biodegrade and therefore does not contaminate the air or water with glass or hydrosoluble substances.

EPS is 100% recyclable.

Application and properties of EPS:




Food Packaging